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“AyurMa works in two ways: it brings people together – awakening them to the power of collaboration – and it reconnects them to nature. People are more likely to want to preserve the natural world (and all living things in it) if they understand their inextricable link to it.”

Dr Arun K Tomson

AyurMa at Four Seasons Resort Landaa Giraavaru

About AyurMa

Created in harmony with Four Seasons Resort Maldives at Landaa Giraavaru, AyurMa offers unique individual and shared experiences – spanning Ayurveda, Yoga Therapy, Wellness and Planetary Wellbeing – designed to cultivate care for ourselves, others, the oceans and the entire planet.

The AyurMa Philosophy

AyurMa’s founding principle of Planetary Wellbeing extends far beyond the Spa’s tranquil surroundings.  Part of an island-wide initiative that has long been woven into every aspect of life at Four Seasons Resort Maldives at Landaa Giraavaru – from health initiatives and local outreach projects to Marine Savers conservation in partnership with Reefscapers and The Manta Trust – it encapsulates the Resort’s vision for a sustainable future, guided by a ‘better together’ principle.

Aware of its responsibility as an industry leader, Landaa partnered with EarthCheck and the NOW Force for Good Alliance in early 2020 to ensure accountability across all areas of operation.

AyurMa at Four Seasons Resort Landaa Giraavaru
AyurMa at Four Seasons Resort Landaa Giraavaru

Meet the Team

A tailored approach to health and harmony...

AyurMa's multi award-winning team of expert Ayurvedic Doctors, Naturopaths and Yoga Therapists draw from many systems of medicine – including Ayurveda, Yoga, Naturopathy and Acupuncture – to create bespoke therapeutic treatments.  From joint pain to sleep disorders, experience the benefits of a personalised treatment tailored to your individual needs.

About the Artist

Born in Kerala, India in 1967, Bara Bhaskaran is a contemporary visual journalist and artist. Using a vibrant colour palette and joyful play with light and dark, his expressive series Rta: The Earth Mother, commissioned exclusively for AyurMa, explores the interconnectedness of the universe, from a delicate petal to the currents of the sea.  Earth, according to the ancient sages, rests in the cradle of Rta, the healing mother who realigns energies and guides the harmony between humans and nature.  Exploring this sacred garden of kinships, Bhaskaran describes his series as ‘part florilegium of medicinal herbs, part cosmic imagination’, in which every detail is designed to resonate to a single rhythm.

AyurMa at Four Seasons Resort Landaa Giraavaru
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