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All life strives towards harmony

When any elements fall out of balance, the result is chaos and disease.

Ayurveda is a 5000-year-old quest for equilibrium that is accessible to everyone as a healthcare system. Think of it as an instruction manual for natural living: a great way to learn about your body and the best way to optimise it through diet, herbal remedies, and lifestyle modifications.

Begin your Ayurvedic journey with a complimentary consultation to identify your unique body/mind constitution and discover simple adjustments to create more harmony in your daily life.

An energising head-to-toe massage with medicated herbal oils to boost immunity and circulation, relieve fatigue, and delay the signs of ageing.

75 MIN


A herbal powder massage for firm healthy skin and wrinkle reduction. Also good for reducing excess fat and unblocking blood vessels.

75 MIN


A slow steady stream of warm herbal oil poured onto the ‘third eye’ promotes inner calm, relieves insomnia, and nourishes the hair and scalp.

120 MIN


Highly rejuvenating streams of warm medicated oil to nourish muscles and restore elasticity and lustre to mature or post-pregnancy skin.

120 MIN


A ‘poultice of leaves’ massage that uses warm herbs, spice and oil bundles to tone skin and ease issues like arthritis and sciatica.

120 MIN


A massage with warm rice poultices cooked in herbal milk to ease neuromuscular issues, boost muscle strength and nourish skin and soft tissues.

120 MIN


Ayurvedic Treatments

All 120 min treatments begin with an Abhyanga massage using warm oils to balance specific dosha types.

AyurMa at Four Seasons Maldives Landaa Giraavaru

The pooling of warm medicated herbal oil on the lower back. A nurturing therapy to strengthen muscles, lubricate joints, and ease spinal conditions.

30 MIN

Kati Vasti

The filling of the ears with warm herbal oils. Helps dislodge impurities, sharpen hearing, and relieve earache, tinnitus, headaches and giddiness.

30 MIN

Karna Poorana

The gentle pouring of medicated ghee (clarified butter) into open eyes. Helps reduce dark circles and ease dry eyes from Computer Vision Syndrome.

30 MIN


The introduction of small amounts of medicated oil into the nostrils. Brings relief from sinusitis, migraines, headaches, colds and nasal blockages.

30 MIN


A detoxifying bath that induces perspiration, helps reduce stress and inflammation, and improves digestion. (A cooling version can also be prepared).

30 MIN

Avagaha Sweda

AyurMa at Four Seasons Maldives Landaa Giraavaru

Focused therapies that address specific needs from congestion to digestion, following consultation with one of our Ayurvedic Doctors.

Targeted Solutions


Ayurvedic Treatment Programs

Ayurveda seeks to harmonise our internal energies with the elements in the external world to prevent disease and maximise wellbeing. It starts with an understanding of our own unique constitution, and how it’s affected by what we eat and where we are.

For that reason, all of our Ayurvedic treatment programs – from half a day to the duration of your stay – are customised following a personal consultation.



For the most high-level health benefits, our Government of Maldives accredited clinic offers Panchakarma: an intensive 14 to 21 day full-body cleansing and rejuvenation program to remove deep-rooted stress and illness-causing toxins, complete with elimination therapies and a special detox diet.

Even if you’re just curious to discover your dosha (body type) and enjoy the Ayurvedic food-labelling in our restaurants, book a complimentary Ayurvedic consultation with one of our Doctors and start putting your health back at the top of your priorities list.

AyurMa at Four Seasons Maldives Landaa Giraavaru

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