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AyurMa e-Consultations at AyurMa Four Seasons



Tailored Consultations for your optimal well-being

Our personalized online consultations are designed to be your compass on the journey to a healthier and more fulfilling life. We understand that well-being is a unique and evolving concept for each individual, and our dedicated team of experts are here to guide and support you. With our wellness consultations, we'll explore the path to a healthier, more vital you. 

Choose a consultation below that suits your individual unique needs.

Begin your Ayurvedic journey to restore balance to your body, mind and spirit with a one-on-one consultation to identify your unique body/mind constitution (dosha). Typically, a session involves discussing dietary choices, herbal remedies, simple lifestyle adjustments and mindfulness practices that align with your constitution in order to create calm and harmony in your daily life. 


Naturopathy is a personalised system that targets the root causes of health issues, promoting natural healing and empowering you to make informed lifestyle and dietary choices. During this consultation with a naturopathic doctor, a health history review and lifestyle assessment will be used to tailor a unique lifestyle recommendation plan designed to support your body's innate healing abilities. 


AyurMa e-Consultations at AyurMa Four Seasons

Discuss your physical, mental and emotional concerns with a certified doctor in yoga – trained in using the principles of yoga to address and manage specific health conditions and issues. Following the consultation, you’ll be ‘prescribed’ a unique yoga therapy program: a range of postures, breathing, cleansing practices and relaxation techniques tailored to your individual needs and goals.


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“AyurMa works in two ways: it brings people together – awakening them to the power of collaboration – and it reconnects them to nature. People are more likely to want to preserve the natural world (and all living things in it) if they understand their inextricable link to it.”

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