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Ben Bidwell
Human Potential Coach and Breathwork Practitioner

Mar 17th – Apr 16th, 2024

Embark on a transformative journey with Ben Bidwell, a renowned Human Potential Coach and Breathwork Practitioner. 

Ben guides individuals towards a more fulfilling and purposeful existence, one breath at a time. Alongside the magic he creates in his unique breathwork experiences, he brings a safe and compassionate space that allows healing and growth to unfold naturally.

Ben takes participants beyond the rational mind, leading them to a realm of stillness, clarity, and depth; there, they can discover their true purpose, potential, and the essence of feeling deeply alive.

Ben has appeared in leading publications such as The Independent, Forbes, Grazia, Esquire and Men's Health and on platforms including Sky News, This Morning, Talk Radio and Heart FM.


Heart-Centered Breathwork
Dive into a journey of breath with Ben guiding you to your innermost depths. Ideal for individuals and couples looking to tap into their purpose and potential.


• Group class: USD130++ (60 mins)
• Private sessions – single: USD350++ (60 mins); USD500++ (90 mins)
• Private sessions – couple: USD550++ (60 mins); USD650+++ (90 mins)

Prices are subject to tax and service charges. For bookings, please dial 5.

Prices subject to service charge and GST.

Booking essential. Contact us here.

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