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Dr Lucy Lagana
Homeopathic Doctor and Holistic Nutritionist

Feb 15th - Mar 16th, 2024

Dr. Lagana has run a successful clinical practice for over 18 years in Toronto, Canada, revolutionising health outcomes with her unique blend of Homeopathic Medicine and Holistic Health expertise. She isn’t just a Homeopathic Doctor; she’s also a registered Holistic Nutritionist, Holistic Allergist and adept Health & Wellness Coach. Plus, she’s the creative force behind the ‘Roots to Healing’ supplement line, converting her knowledge and experience into products that directly impact each individual's wellbeing.


Food intolerances can go undetected and negatively impact one’s health on all levels – mental, emotional and physical. Understanding that these intolerances cause so many health conditions, Dr. Lagana addresses the source, employing all-natural, non-invasive diagnostics and treatments, without needles.

Dr. Lagana’s approach begins with muscle testing using specific vials to determine food allergens. The bioenergetic treatment that follows applies high-frequency light to acupressure points to build the body’s tolerance to allergens, promoting self-correction and healing. Dr. Lagana may follow up with supplements, depending on which treatment plan you choose.


Food Intolerance Testing: (45mins) USD325

Food Intolerance Testing and Treatment: (60mins) USD350

Therapeutic Assessment and Treatment: (75 mins) USD375
Dr. Lagana assesses and treat various health concerns, including weight issues, hormonal imbalances, skin conditions, sleep problems, digestive troubles and stress using applied muscle testing to understand complemented by tailored supplementation recommendations.

Homoeopathic Case Taking and Treatment: (90mins) USD395
Dr. Lagana delves into your mental, emotional and physical symptoms to pinpoint imbalances and creates a tailored natural homoeopathic remedy to restore your body’s optimal health and balance. 

Follow-Up Visit (30 Mins) USD190

Cleanse Programme (First day: 75 mins) / Three follow-ups of 30 mins USD675
Starting with a food intolerance test, Dr. Lagana identifies your body’s reactions to different foods, addressing any intolerances with light therapy treatment and a tailored cleanse programme, including dietary guidelines, supplement recommendations and juicing recipes. Three follow-up appointments guide you through the process.

Prices subject to service charge and GST.

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