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Jessica Boston
Hypnotherapist and Sound Meditation Artist

Apr 15th - May 14th, 2023

One of the Evening Standard's Best Wellness Practitioners and Top 5 Hypnotherapists in London, Jessica Boston is a multi-award-winning trauma-informed practitioner with over a decade’s experience supporting her clients through hypnotherapy and meditation. Her debut Sound Meditation album, ‘This Feeling is You’, was featured in GQ’s Top Ten Coolest of The Week, Popsugar and performed at the MACBA museum, Barcelona.


Are you physically in the Maldives but find your mind and spirit are still back home, lost in seemingly unsolvable problems?

Hypnotherapist and Sound Meditation Artist, Jessica Boston, can help you to let you of unwanted baggage and free yourself to fully enjoy paradise.

Discover how to repurpose your ‘survival’ energy into natural leadership, expansive creativity and a healthy relationship with yourself and your emotions.



Group session daily at 5:00pm - 45 minutes, USD 80
Discover a safe, trustable space within as we focus on the wisdom and beauty of nature and your skills, capabilities and growth.

30 minutes, USD 195
Explore the stories, narratives and perspectives keeping you in a stress response state and reset your subconscious mind for more ease, lightness, and relaxation.

60 minutes, USD 295
Release stuck and stagnant emotions like fear and anger linked to past experiences and reclaim the energy that went into survival for increased motivation, presence, alignment, and clarity.

90 minutes, USD 375
Optimise your relationship with your nervous system and learn empowering tools and strategies to take care of yourself and feel an enhanced sense of flow, joy and confidence for your future.
RESTORE – The Full Package
5 Sessions – 3 x 60 minutes and 2 x 30 minutes, USD 885
Return home with so much more than a suntan with this extensive exploration of you, combining all of the benefits of the above sessions so you can start afresh with a renewed sense of determination and focus. Restore your nervous system and master your greatest ally for success: your subconscious mind.

Prices subject to service charge and GST.

Booking essential. Contact us here.

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