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Raaj Nair
Pranic Psychotherapist and Healer

Dec 15th, 2023 - Jan 14th, 2024

From the resolution of old trauma through Pranic (‘life energy’) Psychotherapy to the release of emotions through Crystal Spa treatments, Raaj Nair’s intuitive approach is a powerful blend of the practical and the spiritual.
Raaj is privileged to have received his training in Singapore, India and the USA with some of the world’s most acclaimed practitioners – including Masters of Pranic Healing – using the teaching of one of the foremost energy Masters, Grand Master Choa Kok Sui.


A short consultation process allows Raaj to understand each individual’s – or couple’s – desired outcome and gain an insight into their current challenges. His Pranic Psychotherapy sessions address a variety of mental health conditions including depression, trauma, obsession and addiction, and can also be used to address long-standing emotional challenges between couples, improving communications between partners. Pranic Healing addresses the ‘energy body’, which in turn heals the physical body, while a Pranic Facial leaves skin glowing from the inside out.


Crystal Spa USD 275++ (30 mins)
Pranic Facial USD 325++ (60 mins)
Pranic Healing USD 350++ (75 mins)
Pranic Psychotherapy USD 375++ (90 mins)

Prices subject to service charge and GST.

Booking essential. Contact us here.

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