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What’s Holding You Back?

Is rotator cuff pain restricting your movement? Are digestive issues dictating your activities? Does poor sleep, spine pain, arthritis or migraine negatively impact your life?

Our team draws from many alternative systems of medicine to create bespoke programs of therapeutic care. Book a complimentary consultation to discover what we can do for you, from onsite treatments to useful knowledge that will help you continue your wellbeing journey at home.

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Accessible to everyone, Ayurveda is a powerful set of healing tools gathered and honed over 5000 years. Optimise your health and achieve inner balance through diet, herbal remedies, and inspiring lifestyle modifications.

Tap into the healing power of the natural world through an uplifting range of Naturopathic consultations, pioneering experiences, and inspiring group activities – all encouraging greater understanding of our role as planetary custodians.

Facilitated by the alumni of S-VYASA – the world’s first ‘University for Yoga’ and pioneer of Yoga Therapy through scientific research – our condition-targeting Yoga Therapy courses address specific ailments from a medical perspective to reveal Yoga’s true healing potential.

​Mindful self care is the first step to taking care of others and the wider world; feeling great on the outside helps us feel at ease on the inside, making us more likely to emanate good vibes and have a positive impact. Love for the planet begins with love for ourselves.


Visiting Masters

Connect to industry-leading wellness practitioners with our Visiting Master program. From Pranic Healing to Elemental Acupuncture, discover empowering experiences designed to transform.

Barbara Drieskens

of the

Barbara Drieskens

Ready to release stress and trauma and discover a deep source of inner wellbeing? Barbara Drieskens’ intuitive treatments harness the body’s energy systems to promote healing from within.

Welcome to AyurMa

Supported by the four pillars of Ayurveda, Yoga Therapy, Wellness and Planetary Wellbeing – plus a multi award-winning team of Ayurvedic Doctors, Naturopaths and Yoga Therapists – AyurMa invites you to reset your awareness and embark on a new path to health, harmony and happiness, where the emphasis is on loving the Earth as you love yourself. 

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