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It’s a Kind of Magic: Exploring Energy Correction Benefits and Mastering Vital Force Multiplication

By Elena Yarga, Psychic Medium, Bio-energy Healer, Parapsychologist and Visiting Master at AyurMa

Energy therapy is becoming more and more popular and gradually turning into a powerful wellness trend. Moreover, amid global turbulence, it has proven to be a real salvation. Combining aspects of ancient knowledge and scientific data on electromagnetic fields and vibrational therapy, energy correction promises to solve a wide range of problems, including those related to physical and mental health issues, personal relationships, and financial well- being. Despite the mockery of skeptics, nowadays it recruits more and more followers. But what exactly is this method and how does it work? Elena Yarga – bioenergy therapist, parapsychologist, tarot reader and regular Visiting Master of AyurMa at Four Seasons Resort Maldives at Landaa Giraavaru – shares her knowledge.

Working with energy: what for?

Energy correction – what it is and how it helps

Working with energy makes it possible to become stronger in this world and change your destiny for the better: bringing the distant closer, achieving mutual love and becoming more prosperous. Properly performed energy correction allows you to get rid of accumulated negativity, open new doors, leave behind anything that burdens you, find harmony in personal and family relationships, attract financial success and improve your quality of life. It is a springboard for future well-being and new inspiring opportunities.

Everything in this world is energy. And each of us are energy beings. Our quality of life depends on the level, intensity and concentration of energy vibrations that we radiate.

Unfortunately, today many of us lives under increased stress and anxiety. In addition, life is arranged in such a way that from time to time we must communicate not only with our friends, but also with difficult “toxic” people. Add to this the unfavorable global background and more and more often we experience declines in our key spheres of life.

Why is this happening? On the one hand, we slide down from the high vibrations of inner peace and harmony to the lowest vibrations of fear and depression. And if the former attract success and gifts of the universe, then the latter can only “magnetize” failures, illnesses and trials of fate.

Moreover, conflicts, chronic stress, bad habits and other negative life factors of an average big city resident inevitably leave an imprint on his or her energy field: to be exact, they systematically destroy and pollute it. And if there is damage in your biofield, priceless vital energy begins slipping away rapidly, like sand through your fingers. When people say that they have been “jinxed”, as a rule, this is nothing more than a damage of the integrity of their aura and an outflow of energy as a consequence.

All these factors lead to health problems, such as depression, and an inability to attract the desired situations and people into one’s life. If the aura is broken, everything falls out of hand, and the person gradually turns into a chronic loser.

Thats why its so important to maintain your energy hygiene daily.

What to expect from energy correction sessions

Each energy correction session is a healing process that helps you to restore, strengthen and protect your energy field, which means you can come to balance and attract favourable twists of fate into your life.

1. It starts with a diagnosis on the tarot cards, as well as with scanning the biofield – more precisely, several subtle fields of a person at once – which shows their current state of affairs, and also lifts the veil of secrecy over the scenarios of his or her near and more distant future.

2. After that, a particular energy ritual is selected according to the request and needs of each person. One of the most effective rituals is wax casting. This helps to quickly clear the biofield of destructive programs and energy blocks, and allows each person to track and analyse the source of the received negative. Castings never lie: their principle of operation can be compared with medical MRI diagnostics, which allow you to look deeply into a person. This is because wax is an energetically pure natural product that, like a litmus test, reveals everything that is hidden and must come to the surface in order to solve any problems as soon as possible.

3. Before the session, it makes sense to formulate a main request and a list of other questions. This helps to make the working process as efficient as possible and paves the way to solve a particular problem that prevents you from living your best life and feeling happy.

4. Most of the rituals are accompanied by so-called prayer harmonisation: the special words of ancient prayers immediately increase your vibrational level, and therefore, literally bring you out of darkness to a source of light and a more balanced and happy life.

5. Depending on the specific situation, chakra energy cleansing with the restoration of the biofield may be required, as well as work with nature elements to strengthen the internal systems of the body. When there is an ocean nearby, any energy work with nature elements is greatly enhanced.

What positive effects can an energy correction session bring to life?

Energy correction and harmonisation sessions allow you to address a wide range of issues.

Here are just a few:

• getting rid of any accumulated negativity and purification of the biofield,

• strengthening health and prolonging youth,

• finding harmony in personal relationships,

• attracting financial success,

• creating personal amulets,

• installing energy protection shields,

• eliminating problems with fertility and birthing a child,

• and much more: each energy correction session is a creative process that the client and master make up together.

What terms should be learned before the session?

1. What is an aura?

An aura is an energy spherical shell that protects the physical body of a person from intentional and unintentional negative programs. It can be broken, and cracks and holes can appear in it in different parts. The causes of damage to the aura can be divided into two categories:

i) karmic sins, and

ii) targeted negative programs by ill-wishers.

2. What are chakras?

Chakras are energy clots located along the spine. Just as blood circulates in the body, energy circulates in our subtle spiritual body. Each chakra is responsible for a specific part of the body.

There are seven chakras in total. If a person has any chakra imbalance, then they feel it on a physical level. In order to cure the physical body, it is necessary to find the root cause of the disease. Our physical body is a mirror image of our energy.

Causes of an energy imbalance include:

i) destruction of the aura, and

ii) induced and karmic negative structures.

3. What is a negative impact?

This is a destructive energy program aimed at destroying human health and causing physical, mental, emotional or material damage. If such a program passes through the aura, it first hits the weakest area in the energy body, one of the seven chakras, and starts up a destructive process.

What are the positive results of attending energy correction sessions?

1. Ability to take timely measures to prevent problems

Detection of the presence or absence of induced negativity, breakdowns in the energy field and energy centres (chakras), as well as karmic, energetic and psychological causes of a crisis situation.

2. Elimination of negative impact

Neutralisation of any negative energy impact, including the redirection of negativity to the offender (“boomerang effect”). Wax castings (a unique method of energy purification) help in getting rid of fears and panic attacks, depression and sleep disorders.

3. Expansion of the financial channel

Connecting to the forces of prosperity, stability and power. Protection from competitors. Assistance in selling real estate, cars and trade operations in general. Return of the stolen (if requesting promptly).

4. Attracting mutual love

Restoration of a happy fate in personal life. Keeping and prolonging youth and beauty. Attracting female and male attention. Harmonisation of personal and family relationships. Maintaining family unity.

5. Strengthening physical health

Chakra energy cleansing with the restoration of the biofield and the most important vital resources. Strengthening the internal systems of the body and immunity.

6. Energy protection

Creating a protective energy shield to protect against negative invasion and energy attacks. Maintaining the integrity of the aura in stressful and crisis situations.

7. Making personal amulets

Individual amulets for all occasions, such as staying safe and attracting good luck or money. Making a security mirror, which removes the negative every time you look into it. Energy charge of beauty products for staying youthful and radiant. Magic water for beauty and attracting the attention of potential lovers. How to have a daily energy practice

How to have a daily energy practice

“Magic Energy Ball” Practice

One of the most effective daily energy practices is called the “Magic Energy Ball”. This is a kind of corrective energy program that can be created for nearly any request. For example, to enhance female beauty, strengthen male health, prolong youth, improve memory, or conduct successful negotiations.

This practice is easy to do and consists of the following steps:

1. Rub your palms together until they get warm.

2. Raise your hands to the level of the solar plexus centre. The distance between the palms should be around 20 centimeters.

3. Inhale and spread your hands, exhale and bring your palms closer with a small amplitude, as if creating a ball of energy between them: this is the concentration of your intention. Do this for several minutes, focusing on the sensations in your palms: first there will be a slight resistance, and then a feeling of density.

4. As soon as you feel the ball in your hands, pump it up with energy as much as possible: take a few deep breaths and exhalations. The ball should become dense and heavy.

5. After that, put the desired image or mental attitude into it and reinforce it with your feelings of joy, pleasure and harmony. During the process you can say positive affirmations right into the ball. For example, “My skin is young, my eyes are shining, I am a dream girl, I am a goddess.”

6. Place the energy ball on one palm and with light circular movements in a clockwise direction, start massaging your face and body with it, paying special attention to those areas to which you would like to attract the maximum attention of others, for example, the eyes. Do this for several minutes.

7. In conclusion, once again pump the ball with energy and place it into your heart centre, the Anahata chakra, and it will be filled up with the energy of love. As a result, you will attract increased sexual attention from potential suitors.

8. And remember: if you are energetically strong, you will be attractive and lucky in all spheres of life. Energy saturation is key to success.

Why is it important to start energy work right now?

The most valuable resource we have in life is time. It is extremely important to have enough time to live all the best that the universe has in store for us. And energy harmonisation will certainly help each person in this way.

Visiting Master Elena Yarga will be in residence at AyurMa at Four Seasons Resort Maldives at Landaa Giraavaru from January 15 to February 14, 2024. To view her bio or explore her Private Therapeutic Energy Correction Session offered at AyurMa, click here.


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