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Promoting Herbal Health with an On-Site Herb Garden

Herbs are versatile, used as food and as natural remedies benefitting one’s health and wellness. In the therapeutic community, herbs have been used for centuries to help with a variety of ailments—something that is still true today, thanks to increased plant-based research. The vegan movement, too, has catapulted the practice of using herbs as food and medicine.

AyurMa at Four Seasons Resort Maldives at Landaa Giraavaru is built on the foundation of planetary well-being and Ayurveda, so having an herb garden was a natural instinct. Here in Landaa Giraavaru, we started off with a medicinal herb garden, which now has an extended herb garden that supplies the kitchen and food service department.

We have designed some treatments and herbal baths in AyurMa that use medicinal herbs. The benefits for the guest is that all of the ingredients are fresh and organically grown. We teach our guests about medicinal herbs with Herbal Remedy, a weekly 60-minute educational session dedicated for those visiting the resort. Plus, it is economical for us to grow treatment ingredients, as this brings down the cost of production.

It is very important to have an herb garden in a spa or a wellness setup, as it enhances the authenticity of the place. Here is how it works at AyurMa.

Dr. Shylesh Subramanya is an Ayurvedic physician with a passion for health, happiness and the healing arts. As director of AyurMa at Four Seasons Resort Maldives at Landaa Giraavaru, he heads an expert team of doctors, naturopaths and yoga therapists. A lifelong wellness scholar, he lives by the motto, “Health and happiness,” and is dedicated to helping others achieve both in natural, holistic ways.

Originally published in WellSpa 360.

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