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Connecting with Nature, Connecting with Soul

By Jessica Boston, Hypnotherapist, Sound Meditation Artist and AyurMa Visiting Master

Nature. The great restorer, she speaks directly to our nervous system; after all, she knows its first language. She is the innate wisdom we hold deep within; our ability to read the seasons, sense the knowledge contained in trees, and feel the revivification of our bodies when we walk barefoot on grass. Connecting to this wisdom is an art easily lost in a busy world full of distractions, where we crave the belonging we feel in nature’s deep green and blues, when reading her flowers, but when we seek it out so often we do it from behind a screen. I never judge the practices we adopt to survive the mass illusion of connection that technology creates.

To spend time in nature is to remember: who you are at a cellular level, away from identity points and accolades. None of that matters in nature; for no matter who you are, you are always accepted and seen, and nature will always forgive and permit you to start again, just as the sun rises each morning.

The somatic subconscious hypnosis work I deliver and will be supporting guests with at AyurMa has many technical parts that make it so effective (not all of which need to be understood for it to work fully, but I am always happy to answer any questions). Still, one aspect I adore for its creativity is the use of powerful metaphors that speak directly to one’s soul. When it clicks, there’s an instant change—a negotiation has taken place between the conscious and the subconscious to partner together, save energy ,and bring deep, permanent difference in both behaviours and beliefs. 

Nature wants you to listen to her messages: every whisper in the wind a lesson; every animal a story; there is so much we can bring into our healing when we have time and space to hear. I will offer daily meditation sessions in AyurMa’s garden in harmony with nature; these sessions will be life-changing and will focus on this powerful wisdom. I will be open to hearing themes and topics that guests wish to explore and incorporating them into these journeys, so they feel deeply personal and supercharged.

Guests will leave taking a specific magic away with them, and when they return home from paradise that magic will stay with them deep within: a flexible, realistic practice that becomes a part of them; a true integration that the body cannot forget. 

If you would like a prior experience of my meditations, here is a playlist with the two garden tracks from my award-winning meditation album, This Feeling is You. I really recommend listening now to begin your practice. Please only listen when you can completely and safely relax in a comfortable environment, away from distraction.

Visiting Master Jessica Boston will be in residence at AyurMa at Four Seasons Resort Maldives at Landaa Giraavaru from 15 April to 14 May 2023. To view her bio or explore her treatment menu, click here.


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